Intermatic TALENTO121-240

Intermatic TALENTO121-240

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Item# Intermatic TALENTO121-240

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  • Synchronous motor driven mechanical one hour time switch
  • Low cost repeat cycle timer for industrial processes and other applications
  • Provides continuous ON and OFF cycling of a load in a pattern which will repeat
    every hour
  • Captive trippers allow setting up to 24 ON and 24 OFF times in 1.25 minute
    increments over a one hour period
  • May be used in conjunction with an Intermatic 24-hour or 7-day time switch to
    provide repeat cycle timed switching only during selected periods of the day or
  • May be surface or DIN rail mounted with panels, or may be mounted in an Intermatic
    indoor or outdoor enclosure
  • Available with or without 3-way override
  • True clock face
    Switch Rating: Each Pole; 40 Amp Resistive, 120-480 VAC; 40 Amp Tungsten,
    Inductive or 1000 VA Pilot Duty, 120-277 VAC; 2 HP (24 FLA), 120 VAC; 5 HP (28 FLA),
    240 VAC single phase.


Size: 3.31 in. H x 2.13 in. W x 2.56 in. D            
Switch Output: SPDT isolated contacts            
16 Amp Resistive, 125-250 VAC                       
4 Amp Inductive, 125-250 VAC                             
1350 W Tungsten, 240 V

Minimum Switching Time: 1.25 Minutes           
Operating Temperature: -40F to 131F            
Operating Humidity: 0 to 95% RH Non-Condensing                       
Wiring Connections: Screw terminals for up to #12AWG wire                             

Model Number: TALENTO121-240

Volts AC: 208-240 Total Cycle Time: 1 Hour Min. ON/OFF Time: 1.25 Minutes Switch Output: SPDT, 16 Amp  







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